Dear God No!

DEAR GOD NO! (2011)

Genres: Exploitation, Horror, Biker, Bigfoot
Written, produced and directed by James Bickert
Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McComiskey, Shane Morton, Nick Morgan, John Collins, Billy Ratliff, Olivia LaCroix

Grab some popcorn, gas up the jalopy and grab your favorite girl. Big World Pictures presents the retro Bikers vs. Bigfoot feature film DEAR GOD NO! A thrill ride here to save cinema by delivering all the carnival fun of a 1970’s drive-in movie. On the run from bikini clad machine gun fire, a group of outlaw bikers attempt to seek refuge in a mountain cabin only to fall victim to a crazed scientist and his hunchback assistant performing hideous experiments more deranged than the human mind can handle. What is lurking in the woods making escape impossible? Could it be the legendary… BIGFOOT! The prequel to Frankenstein Created Bikers from cult filmmaker James Bickert (Amazon Hot Box) shot on Super 16mm Fuji film in Atlanta and the North Georgia Mountains using practical effects.

Festival Awards
WINNER: Best Exploitation Film (Arizona Underground Film Festival)
WINNER: Best Exploitation Film (Pollygrind 2011 – Las Vegas)
WINNER: Audience Award Best Feature Film (Pollygrind 2011)
WINNER: Audience Award Best Feature Film (Corpsedance 2011)
WINNER: Audience Award Best Feature Film (Zinema Zombiefest 2011)
WINNER: Best Body Count (Elvira’s Horror Hunt 2012)
WINNER: Best Midnight Monster Movie (Elvira’s Horror Hunt 2012)